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A. Montoya Staff

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Contact Timothy Boehms  Timothy Boehms Teacher
Contact Kimberly Brown  Kimberly Brown Teacher
Contact David Clare  David Clare Teacher
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Contact Jeanette Fortney  Jeanette Fortney Teacher
Contact Allison Gabaldon  Allison Gabaldon Teacher
Contact Glenn Giles  Glenn Giles Teacher
Contact Deonte Halsey  Deonte Halsey Teacher
Contact Rachel Hance  Rachel Hance Teacher
Contact William Harrison  William Harrison Teacher
Contact Barbara Hoffman  Barbara Hoffman Teacher
Contact Marilyn Hubbert  Marilyn Hubbert Teacher
Contact Michelle Johnson  Michelle Johnson Teacher
Contact Beth Krawczyk  Beth Krawczyk Teacher
Contact Leslie Mahoney  Leslie Mahoney Teacher
Contact Maria Martinez  Maria Martinez Teacher
Contact Dara Mccoy  Dara Mccoy Teacher
Contact Victoria Olguin  Victoria Olguin Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Owens  Elizabeth Owens Teacher
Contact Bonny Prince  Bonny Prince (505) 286-2701 Teacher
Contact Faye Richards  Faye Richards Teacher
Contact Lindsay Samora  Lindsay Samora Teacher
Contact Anita Shuttee  Anita Shuttee Teacher
Contact Deborah Simone  Deborah Simone Teacher
Contact Maria Venegas  Maria Venegas Staff
Contact Nechelle Wicker-gist  Nechelle Wicker-gist Teacher
Contact Brandi Zamora  Brandi Zamora Teacher
Instructional Coach
Contact Lori Arnold  Lori Arnold Staff
Dean of Students
Contact Tiffany Kidner  Tiffany Kidner Staff
Educational Assistants
Contact Stacey Adams  Stacey Adams Staff
Contact Anna Aragon  Anna Aragon Staff
Contact Irene Bachicha  Irene Bachicha Staff
Contact Rachel Barela  Rachel Barela Staff
Contact Virginia Benavides  Virginia Benavides Staff
Contact Joann D'amato  Joann D'amato Staff
Contact Michelle Duran  Michelle Duran Staff
Contact Janice Hassley  Janice Hassley Staff
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Contact Martha Landeau  Martha Landeau Staff
Contact Melissa Maltos  Melissa Maltos Staff
Contact Polly Martinez  Polly Martinez Staff
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Contact Rachel Olguin  Rachel Olguin Staff
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Contact Vickie Schiller  Vickie Schiller Staff
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A. Montoya 
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AMES: (505) 281-1905
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Contact Cee Nation  Cee Nation Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Joseph Berglund  Joseph Berglund Assistant Principal
Contact Rebecca Mccormick-cecil  Rebecca Mccormick-cecil Staff
Contact Jordan Bodette  Jordan Bodette Staff
Contact Patricia Shirey  Patricia Shirey Health Asst.
Contact Annette Underhill  Annette Underhill Staff
Contact Sarah Hadfield  Sarah Hadfield A.Montoya Counselor
Occupational Therapist
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