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Roosevelt Staff

Contact Brian Baker  Brian Baker 6th 7th & 8th Art
Contact Kiely Banks  Kiely Banks 6th/ 8th Humanities
Contact Jesse Barela  Jesse Barela Teacher
Contact Karen Brown  Karen Brown Teacher
Contact Robyn Clarke  Robyn Clarke Teacher
Contact Kathleen Cox  Kathleen Cox Teacher
Contact Lynn Delmargo  Lynn Delmargo Teacher
Contact Robert Duncan  Robert Duncan Teacher
Contact Nicole Fichtner  Nicole Fichtner Teacher
Contact Staci Gorko  Staci Gorko Teacher
Contact Mckenzie Hall  Mckenzie Hall Teacher
Contact Chelsea Hay  Chelsea Hay Teacher
Contact Scott Hedglin  Scott Hedglin Teacher
Contact Paula Massey  Paula Massey 6th Humanities
Contact Kerry Molnar  Kerry Molnar Teacher
Contact Ann Montoya  Ann Montoya Teacher
Contact Erika Munz  Erika Munz 6th and 8th gr. Gifted Humanities, Seminar, Brain Hackers sponsor
Contact Charles Petersen  Charles Petersen Teacher
Contact Steven Pope  Steven Pope 7th Math/Science
Contact Khara Sandoval  Khara Sandoval Teacher
Contact Michael Sena  Michael Sena Teacher
Contact Louis Taylor  Louis Taylor Teacher
Contact Jennifer Webb  Jennifer Webb Teacher
Contact Laura Wheatley  Laura Wheatley ED
Contact Lynn Delmargo  Lynn Delmargo Teacher
Technology Coordinator
Contact Shelly Bartlett-farrell  Shelly Bartlett-farrell Sys Admin
Instructional Coach
Contact Davina Turner  Davina Turner Instructional Coach
Educational Assistants
Contact Victoria Gutierrez-hefkin  Victoria Gutierrez-hefkin Educational Assistant
Contact Sara Huffmyer  Sara Huffmyer Staff
Contact Martha Landeau  Martha Landeau Staff
Contact Roy Linn  Roy Linn Staff
Contact Lynette Mitchell  Lynette Mitchell Staff
Contact Brandy Nieto  Brandy Nieto Staff
Contact Susan Tavizon  Susan Tavizon Staff
Contact Us

Phone: (505)281-3316
Fax 281-5120

A. Montoya 
Phone: (505) 281-0880
Fax 281-1905

Cee Kaye's Cell
Phone: (505) 306-7832

Fax Numbers
AMES: (505) 281-1905
RMS: (505) 281-5120

Contact Cee Nation  Cee Nation Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Joseph Berglund  Joseph Berglund Assistant Principal
Dean of Students
Contact Tiffany Kidner  Tiffany Kidner Staff
Contact Karen Adams  Karen Adams Secretary
Contact Yvette Gallegos  Yvette Gallegos Staff
Contact Annette Underhill  Annette Underhill Staff
Speech & Language Pathologist
Contact Laurel Vogue-Elrich  Laurel Vogue-Elrich SLP
Occupational Therapist
Contact Cesar Morales  Cesar Morales OT
Contact Heidi Wolne  Heidi Wolne Roosevelt Counselor
Contact Theresa Garcia  Theresa Garcia Cook
Contact Roanna Padilla  Roanna Padilla Cafeteria Manager
Custodians and Groundskeeper
Contact Delfinio Garcia  Delfinio Garcia Groundskeeper
Contact David Sweeney  David Sweeney Night Custodian
Contact Anthony Trujillo  Anthony Trujillo Night Custodian