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Mac iMessage Setup

How to Get Started With iMessage

What is iMessage?

iMessage is the Apple messaging service you get automatically with your Apple ID. 


How do I use it?

First things first - let's see if the messaging app is already on your dock.

Look for this icon:


If you see it you can skip to Setup iMessage!


If not, let's go to the Launchpad and look for it.

First: Click on the Launchpad



Then look for the iMessage App icon.


Setup iMessage

If it's not already set up, you're asked to sign in when you first open the Messages app. Sign in with same Apple ID that you use with Messages on your iPhone and other devices. It's usually the same Apple ID that you use for iCloud, the iTunes Store, and the App Store. The login screen will look like this:


If you have not set up an Apple ID, or have forgotten your ID or password, use one of the two options at the bottom of the window and proceed to the next section. Apple has an awesome help page if you have forgotten your Apple ID. Or click this link to begin the password reset/recovery process.


Once this process has been completed and you have successfully logged in you will now see this screen:


You are now all set up and ready to use Apple iMessage!


Start a conversation

Start by clicking the  icon at the top of the Messages window.
You will then need to address your message by typing the recipient's name, email address, or phone number. Or click plus sign and choose a recipient. If they're in your Contacts app, Messages finds them as you type. To start a group conversation, just add more recipients. Then begin typing your message in the field at the bottom of the window, and then press Return to send it. If you wish to include either emoji or audio to your message you may do so.



If you have any problems/questions let me know at: